Education Report May 7, 2010

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1. Budget and Appropriations
-The Senate was mired in financial reform legislation this week, and while they made some progress on the bill, the end is not yet in sight. The 500 filed amendments almost guarantee at least one more week of debate on this.
-Committee Chairman David Obey announced that he would be retiring at the end of the 111th Congress after 48 years. Education advocates see him to be irreplaceable as he was tough minded to either party who tried to cut federal investment in education.
-The Senate HELP Committee and the House education and Labor Committee also held more hearings this week on the reauthorization of the ESEA.

2. Forum for Education and Democracy Examines High Quality Learning in Schools
-Tuesday, the Forum for Education and Democracy hosted a Capitol hill briefing titled, "Bridging Differences: What Works in Schools". The event featured a panel of education experts and was moderated by Maya Rockeymore, President and CEO of global Policy Solutions.

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3. HELP Committee holds hearing on Challenges Facing Secondary Schools
-Tuesday the Senate HELP Committee continued its series of hearings on the reauthorization of the ESEA with a hearing focused on "the challenges facing America's middle and high schools, and how ESEA reauthorization can help states and districts address those challenges.

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4. In Brief
-Winning High School in White House Competition Announced
-Secretary Duncan Highlights Role of Parents
-Education and Labor Committee examines Quality Teachers and Leaders
-State Preschool programs experience budget cuts
-Senate Commerce Committee holds hearing on innovation

Be sure to also check out sections #5 (New Publications) and #6 (In the News) for articles of interest.

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