Education Report May 21, 2010

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1. Budget and Appropriations
-This week on Capitol Hill the Senate debated the Financial Services Reform bill which consumed most of their time. The bill finally passed Thursday by a vote of 59-39. This was one of many bills that are "must pass" on the Hill. There is growing sentiment on and off the Hill that continuous spending which increases the federal deficit is endangering the country's overall economic recovery.
-Education advocates were asked to get public support for the $23 billion Jobs for Educators legislation to the emergency supplemental plan. This is believed to help the states avoid firing up to 300,000 teachers in the coming months.
-The debates this week mirrored many of last week, which will most likely continue to be the case through the Memorial Day Recess, set to begin Friday, May 28th.

2. In Brief
-AYPF Event examines expanding learning time in Boston and New York
-ED and Labor Committee examines fraud among Head Start Grantees
-HELP Committee examines Student supports and Well-Being
-Casey Foundation releases new report focused on Early Literacy
-Competes Bill fails again on second vote
-ED and Labor Committee examines school turnaround models
-NAEP TUDA reading scores released

Be sure to also check out sections #3 (New Publications) and **#4 (In the News) for articles of interest.

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