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Education Report January 29, 2010

1. Budget and Appropriations
-This week was all about the President's first State of the Union Address and his highly anticipated FY 2011 budget request.
-The Administration previewed the speech's contents, and some of its budget plans. The announced intentions to freeze spending levels for most of the federal government spared education programs.
-While most of the public action on Capitol Hill last week took place Wednesday night, there have been many meetings among staff to hammer out more than a few issues of interest.
-President Obama requested Senate to act, so the emphasis will be on providing the funding to create and maintain jobs sooner rather than later.

2. In Brief
-AEI hosts event on Obama Administration's Education Reform Efforts
-CAP holds a briefing on Community College Effectiveness
-Budget release to trigger DC events Next Week

Please also read sections #3 (New Publications) and #4 (In the News) for articles of interest.

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