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Education Report February 5, 2010

1. Budget and Appropriations
-Bright and early Monday morning, President Obama submitted his first full-fledged budget request tot he U.S. Congress.
-The FY 2011 budget which came in at a $3.8 trillion in spending revealing the President's spending priorities across all federal agencies and a proposed freeze on domestic discretionary spending for the next three years.
-The Department of Education was exempted from the freeze and will see an overall increase of 7.5% in spending under the new budget.
-The education budget met muted support among education advocates, many are happy about all of the spending but many are concerned about the presidents strategy.

2.STEM Education featured in Budget Request
-The 2011 budget would beat out the 2010 budget by $32 million and Administration representatives were touting the request as a tremendous win for STEM education.
-Information on agencies' budget request can be found on their websites, although the whole budget request, including fact sheets for various agencies and priorities can be found on the Office of Management and Budget's web site at

3. In Brief
-Department of Education shares RTTT procedures and applications
-Higher Education, other Elements of request rely on Safra
-CAP swallows bitter pill; recommends Title I funding formula changes

Be sure to also check out sections #4 (New Publications) and #5 (In the News) for items of interest.

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