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Education Report April 23, 2010

1. Budget and Appropriations
-Last Wednesday, the Senate Budget Committee convened to mark up FY 2011 budget resolution. The tone of the two-day mark-up made it clear that floor debate and final passage would not be an easy feat in the Senate.
-Chairman Conrad provided an overview of his spending proposal. His version of the FY 2011 budget resolution would reduce the federal debt to 3% of GNP, is $4 billion less than what the Administration requested in February for the year, and cuts taxes by $780 billion over 5 years and would require the Finance Committee to find $2 billion in deficit reduction savings from the spending programs it oversees.
-Concerning education, the proposal addresses the $5 billion Pell shortfall but puts pressure on appropriators charged with education spending decisions. Other proposed education investments include early childhood, elementary and secondary education programs.
-For the most part at this point support for and rejection of the plan is split along party lines, and Republican reaction to the bill was very negative.

2.HELP Committee examines the Needs of the Whole Child
-Last Thursday, the Senate HELP Committee held a roundtable hearing on meeting the needs of the "whole child" during the reauthorization of the ESEA Act.
-All participants agreed that students learn best when their academic, social, emotional and physical needs are met.
-All participants also agreed that early and sustained efforts of support, focused on the social and emotional needs of children, involving families, are needed.

For more information on this hearing, go to:

3. In Brief
-Senate HELP Committee Solicits ESEA comments
-Competes Reauthorization Bill introduced
-Gates pledges $110 Million to improved Community College Remediation
-Fordham event examines status of CCSI Initiative
-Internet Caucus hosts panel discussion on the mobile net in schools

Be sure to also check out sections #4 (New Publications) and #5 (In the News) for articles of interest.

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