Seattle Center Celebrates 50 Years!

Visit one of the most important tourist sites of the host city and participate in dynamic hands-on educational activities developed specifically to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Century 21, the Seattle World’s Fair. Participants will join a team of educators, authors, documentarians, and historians to discover the connection of the Seattle Center to the World’s Fair and to explore what life was like in 1962 from local, national, and international perspectives. Through film, publications, theater, walking tours, and the Imagine curriculum, this clinic will examine how the Fair reflected the values of the Pacific Northwest and American common culture, as well as the accomplishments and dreams of many fields of science and technology.

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 12:00pm - 5:45pm

Patricia Filer, Marie McCaffrey, HistoryLink, Seattle, WA; Tony Gomez, KCTS9, Seattle, WA; Carol Buswell, National Archives and Records Administration, Seattle, WA; Diane Brady, Katie Johnson, The Seattle Times Newspapers in Education, Seattle, WA; Jane Morton, Eastside Heritage Center, Seattle, WA; Patricia Shelton, Bellevue Public Schools, Bellevue, WA; Wendy Ewbank, Seattle Girls’ School, Seattle, WA; Anita Morales, Seattle Public Schools, WA; Sarah Schumacher, Edmonds School District, WA; Tracy Robinson, Seattle Center Foundation, Seattle, WA; Eric Taylor, 4Culture, Seattle, WA; Joan Rabinowitz, Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA; Julia Swan, Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA; Alan Stein, Paula Becker, John Gordon Hill, Everett, WA

KCTS9 Television Station, 401 Mercer St., Seattle
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