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Session 5.6

America's Center 125

Chair: Lisa Buchanan, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Discussant: Laura Willox, University of West Georgia

  • Paper 1: Present at the Creation: Social Studies Supervisors Develop Their Own Assessment
          Andrea Libresco, Hofstra University
  • Paper 2: By Teachers for Teachers: Engaging Colorado Educators as the Creators of 21st Century Social Studies Curricula
          Brian Sevier, Colorado Department of Education; Stephanie Hartman, Colorado Department of Education
  • Paper 3: Head, Heart, Hands": A Framework for Capturing Children's Civic Learning"
          Jennifer James, University of Georgia
  • Paper 4: A Time for (Re)Action in the Great Depression: Elementary Social Studies Curriculum and Teaching in Arkansas and Texas
          Sherry Field, Arkansas Tech University; Elizabeth Bellows, Appalachian State University; Michalle Bauml, Texas Christian University
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