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Session 4.8

America's Center 127

Chair: Cory Wright-Maley, St. Mary's University College
Discussant: Nancy Gallavan, University of Central Arkansas

  • Paper 1: Resistance and Retreat: Preparing to Teach Reading in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms
          Michelle Reidel, Georgia Southern University
  • Paper 2: Literacy through Social Studies? A Study of State Social Studies Coordinators' Views of the Common Core
          Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky; SG Grant, Binghamton University; John Lee, North Carolina State; Rebecca Mueller, University of Kentucky
  • Paper 3: The Present Absence: Research on Assessment in Social Studies Classrooms
          Cheryl Torrez, University of New Mexico; Ann Claunch-Lepsack, University of New Mexico
  • Paper 4: My assessment didn't seem real: The Influence of Field Experiences on Preservice Teachers' Assessment Literacy
          Spencer Clark, Utah State University
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