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Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Face to Faith Program

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Humanity faces many daunting challenges in the 21st century. But none is greater--or more urgent--than the challenge of preparing young people to negotiate religious and ethnic differences with civility and respect. That's why more than 800 schools in 20 countries, including 100 in the U.S., are using Face to Faith, an educational initiative offered free to all schools by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Through video conferencing and secure online community, students engage one another directly in civil, but robust dialogue about issues of faith and belief that matter to them. This session explores how Face to Faith can help dispel stereotypes and create understanding across religious, ethnic, and cultural differences.

Charles C. Haynes, Director, Religious Education Project, Newseum;

Craig Perrier, High School Social Studies Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA; Mary Ellen Daneels, Social Studies Teacher, West Community High School, West Chicago, IL.

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