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Session 4.1: Emerging Research from the Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education Project

America's Center 120

Following the recommendations made by the Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education Project, three research projects focused on assessment, instructional materials, and research in geography education were conducted. The findings as well as the significance of the research projects are discussed in this symposium.

Discussant: Margaret Crocco, University of Iowa
  • Paper 1: Building Capacity for Developing Classroom Assessments in Geography
          Jill Wertheim, National Geographic Society; Daniel C. Edelson, National Geographic Society
  • Paper 2: Improving Instructional Materials in Geography
          Audrey Mohan, National Council for Geographic Education; Emily M. Schell, San Diego State University
  • Paper 3: A Road Map for Research on Learning Progressions in Geography
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