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Session 3.5

America's Center 124

Chair: Lauren McArthur Harris, Arizona State University
Discussant: Linda Levstik, University of Kentucky

  • Paper 1: The Youth Historians in Harlem Project: A Community-Based Initiative in Rethinking History Education in Urban Schools
          Barry Goldenberg, Teachers College; Alexandra Hawkins, Teachers College
  • Paper 2: Facilitating Historical Thinking and Disciplinary Literacy with Urban Youth in Out-of-School Digital Book Clubs
          Jason Ritter, Duquesne University; Terri Rodriquez, Duquesne University; Alexandra Santau, Duquesne University
  • Paper 3: Student Variables Associated with the Opportunity to Learn U.S. History
          Tina Heafner, University of North Carolina Charlotte; Paul Fitchett, University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Paper 4: The Time was Right": Understanding the Intersections of Agency, Historical Context and Social Change"
          Lauren Colley, University of Kentucky
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