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Session 2.2: Research on Civic Learning and Engagement Using International Large Scale Assessments

America's Center 121

This symposium presents analysis of survey data concerning social and political attitudes of adolescents in Europe from the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Study. Presenters are early career scholars skilled in conducting and presenting quantitative analysis. The discussant will draw implications especially about immigrant students' engagement and consider ways to further utilize these data to improve civic education.

Discussant: Judith Torney-Purta, University of Maryland
  • Paper 1: Building Political Efficacy through an Open Classroom Climate Drawing Implications for Social Movement Citizenship: An Analysis of 8th Graders in Western Europe
          Ryan Knowles, University of Missouri; Jennice McCafferty-Wright, University of Missouri
  • Paper 2: Comparing the Civic Engagement of Two Immigrant Generations with Non-Immigrant European Youth: A Propensity-Scoring Approach
          Carolyn Barber, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Paper 3: National Identity, European Identity, and Attitudes toward Others" among European Adolescents."
          Julia Higdon, Harvard University
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