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Session 1.6

America's Center 125

Chair: Brooke Blevins, Baylor University
Discussant: C. Gregg Jorgensen, Western Illinois University

  • Paper 1: Voting is POWER!: Preservice Teachers' Views of Democracy as an Artifact
          Dean Vesperman, Indiana University
  • Paper 2: Rethinking Citizenship Education through the Stories of Three Rooted Teachers
          Mark Kissling, Penn State University
  • Paper 3: Gaining Self-Efficacy through Repeated Practice: The Impact of Repetitive Microteaching Lessons on Government to 4th-Graders
          Derek Anderson, Northern Michigan University; Tanya Cook, Northern Michigan University
  • Paper 4: Exploring the Link Between Political Knowledge and Participation: The Role of Interest and Identity Development in Civics Education
          Jane Lo, University of Washington
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