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Session 1.5

America's Center 124

Chair: Todd Dinkelman, University of Georgia
Discussant: Elizabeth Washington, University of Florida

  • Paper 1: Scaffolded Lesson Study: Promoting Professional Teaching Knowledge for Problem-Based Historical Inquiry
          John Saye, Auburn University; Jada Kohlmeier, Auburn University; Theresa McCormick, Auburn University; James Howell, Auburn University; Robert Colby Jones, Auburn University; David Shannon; Auburn University
  • Paper 2: Breaking Apart is Hard to do: The Challenges of "Decomposition of Practice" in the Development of the Protocol for Assessing the Teaching of History (PATH)
          Stephanie van Hover, University of Virginia; David Hicks, Virginia Tech; Stephen Cotton, University of Virginia; Paul Yoder, University of Virginia
  • Paper 3: Historical Empathy and Pedagogical Reasoning
          Jason Endacott, University of Arkansas; John Sturtz, Keene State College
  • Paper 4: The Two Faces of Control: Two Teachers Failures and Successes in Their Attempts to Control Student Dynamics in Simulations
          Cory Wright-Maley, St. Mary's University College
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