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Session 0.5

America's Center 125

Chair: Jennifer Cutsforth, University of Scranton
Discussant: Brandon Butler, Old Dominion University

  • Paper 1: Representations, Decompositions, and Approximations of Practice in the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers: Features of Compassionate, Critical, Justice Oriented Teacher Education
          Hilary Conklin, DePaul University; Hilary Hughes, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Paper 2: Moving Beyond the Syllabus: An Inquiry into Processes and Outcomes of a Graduate Social Studies Curriculum Course
          Todd Dinkelman, University of Georgia; Mark Johnson, University of Georgia
  • Paper 3: Determining the Impact of the Integrated Triadic Model on TPACK Development in Preservice Teachers
          Janie Hubbard, University of Alabama; Geoff Price, University of Alabama
  • Paper 4: Developing Purpose in Social Studies Teacher Education
          Todd Hawley, Kent State University; Alicia Crowe, Kent State University; Andrew Pifel, Kent State University
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