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Session 0.2

America's Center 121

Chair: Emma Thacker, University of Kentucky
Discussant: Jada Kohlmeier, Auburn University

  • Paper 1: One Hen: Students' Experiences with Social Business
          Annie Whitlock, Michigan State University
  • Paper 2: We are only looking for the right answers: The Promises and Challenges of Controversial Issue Instruction in South Korea
          Thomas Misco, Miami University
  • Paper 3: Common Core and Democratic Participation: A Philosophical Analysis of the Likely Impact of Common Core State Standards on Public and Private Autonomy
          Benjamin Bindewald, Clemson University; Patrick Womac, Clemson University; Rory Tannebaum, Clemson University
  • Paper 4: The Anti-Bullying Campaign: A Quest for Critical Citizenship
          Erin Vaughn, Purdue University; Kathryn Obenchain, Purdue University
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