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Session 0.1: Voter Education Programs in Schools: East and West

America's Center 120

National context powerfully shapes voter education (nations create schools to serve national purposes). This symposium presents four papers on school-based voter education in three nations: Singapore and Japan, one paper each; and the United States, two papers. A critique is provided by a respected scholar of comparative civic education.

Chair: Beth Rubin, Rutgers University
Discussant: Carole Hahn, Emory University
  • Paper 1: Voter Education in Singapore Schools
          Li-Ching Ho, National Institute of Education, Singapore
  • Paper 2: A New Voter Education Initiative in Japanese Schools
          Toshinori Kuwabara, Okayama University, Japan; Susumu Oshihara, Ehime University, Japan
  • Paper 3: Voter Education Changes in U.S. Schools
          Diana Hess, Spencer Foundation
  • Paper 4: Design-based Research on an Elections Simulation in the High School U. S. Government Course
          Walter Parker, University of Washington; Jane Lo, University of Washington
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