Preservice Teacher Sessions

Are you a new or preservice teacher? The NCSS Annual Conference can provide the answers you need to succeed in the classroom and become the best teacher you can be. With student registration rates starting as low as $70, the conference can provide even greater value, providing access to the leaders in social studies instruction and research.

Here is a small sample of the sessions ideal for preservice and early career teachers.

Friday, November 21

1308 Pass your Social Studies Licensure Exam: Strategies, Tips, & Ideas

958 Why are our Playgrounds Broke? C3, CCSS, and Preservice Teachers


386 Ready, Set, Go! Controversial Issues and Classroom Discussion

387 The Declaration of Independence: Should It Influence Preservice Teaching Philosophies?

645 Preparing Teacher Candidates to Teach about Women in World History

1015 Impacting Preservice Teachers' Attitudes and Beliefs about Literacy Instruction


213 Feeding on Children's Literature: Book Tasting as Innovative Instructional Method

1311 College Council for the Social Studies: Supporting our Newest Colleagues


195 California Democracy Schools--Civic Learning for All!

632 Teaching the Teachers: An Integrative Approach to Social Studies Methods

1258 Contextualizing 9/11: Terrorism and American Culture in Post-9/11 America


377 Going Global: Leading Preservice Teachers Abroad

161 Building a Powerful Personal Learning Network

614 Using Local Newspapers to Engage Student Inquiry in American History

738 Implementing the C3 Framework: What are the States Doing?

377 Going Global with Equality, Hunger, and Security: Bipartisan Success/Failure

Saturday, November 22

347 Beginning Teachers Mentor Preservice Students: Creating Online Professional Partnerships

703 "Pop!" Goes the Renaissance and Reformation

769 @GWash1776 Favorited your Tweet!: Engaging Students through Social Media

766 Expect More: Differentiating your Social Studies Methods Course


396 Using Civil Discourse to Talk about ANYTHING!


1253 Becoming Activists and Researchers: Preservice Teachers' Community Service Projects


1305 I Know my Subject, I Don't Know my School

1079 Why Can't We Just All Get Along?


578 Changing your Life from Preservice Teacher to Professional Educator

88 Let Equality Ring! LGBT Visibility and the Social Studies


75 The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

938 Professional Development for the 21st Century--Who Built America Badges

814 Going Local: Teachers and Students Getting "Hands On" with History

1143 Not Invited to the Party: Exploring the Third Party System

807 Worksheets for Teachers, Not for Students?!?!


718 Staying Connected--Context Driven Learning for the Digital Age

Sunday, November 23

1241 Inquiry & Technology: Using Modern Strategies to Inspire Young Learners

566 A Deliberate Choice: Exploring Controversy through Deliberation in your Classroom

771 Behind the Curse: Race and Baseball in Boston

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