Literacy/ELA Common Core Sessions at 2012 NCSS Annual Conference

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Social studies and literacy are mutually inclusive. The ability to understand vocabulary and concepts is an essential part of the social studies, and social studies offers many rich topics to use to teach literacy skills. The 2012 NCSS Annual Conference offers a large number of sessions that demonstrate how to integrate literacy into social studies content or address the ELA Common Core Standards for History/Social Studies.

We've compiled this list to help anyone needing to use literacy and ELA Common Core Standards in a proposal to attend the conference or hoping to focus on literacy.

Click on a title to get the session description.

1064 The Common Core and the Social Studies

103 Literacy Instruction for Digital Technologies and Common Core State Standards

309 A Literacy-Based Approach to Teaching Tolerance in the 21st Century

939 I'm Not a Reading Teacher, I'm a Social Studies Teacher!

713 Enlivening Student Literacy with Historical Fiction in the Digital Age

815 Social Studies and CCSS for Literacy: One Model for Implementation

307 Cultivate Literacy Skills and Civics with C-SPAN Classroom's Online Resources

701 Supporting Student Literacy Needs Using Assessment and Research-Based Strategies

489 ELA Integration in the Content Classroom, We've Done Your Homework!

220 Integrating Language Arts and History: Online Resources from the Smithsonian

210 Creating Students Who Think Like Historians: Common Core Literacy Standards

359 Teaching 21st Century Literacy Skills with Civil Discourse Strategies

384 Social Studies as Context for Meeting the ELA Common Core

234 Meeting the Literacy Demands of the Twenty-First Century through Inquiry

60 Literacy Strategies and Learning Practices in Middle School Geography Classrooms

26 "Top 10" Strategies for Building Literacy in Elementary Social Studies

794 Integrating the Common Core LIteracy Standards into the History Classroom

315 A New View of Scaffolding: Powerful Reading of Complex Text

789 Teaching Content Literacy Skills, Developing Content and Engaging Elementary Learners

613 Exploring History and Promoting Literacy through Writing in the Classroom

871 Raiders of the Lost Arts: Meeting National Core Literacy Standards

174 History, Technology and Literacy: Reaching Elementary Students Via Multimodal Resources

491 Windows to Ourselves: Integrating Literature and Thematic Units into History

199 Hitching to the Literacy Wagon: History and the Common Core

206 Doing and Learning History through Literacy , Interdisciplinary, and Digital Strategies

804 Integrating Literacy and Technology into a Psych Classroom

70 NCSS Notable Trade Books 2012: Ideas for Classrooms and Learning

93 Making Primary Sources Accessible to Struggling Readers and English Learners

503 Teaching with Multicultural Children's Literature: Windows and Mirrors to Diversity

553 Learning to Write, Writing to Learn, Grading Tips to Survive

1051 Making Social Studies Accessible to English Learners

13 Windows on the Past: Language Arts, Visual Arts, Social Studies

880 Their Voices, Their World: Connecting Social Studies, Literacy, and Science

223 Five Instructional Routines for Promoting Vocabulary Learning in Social Studies

961 "I Write to Learn What I Think": Literacy through History

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