Community Scholar Speakers

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Several NCSS communities have invited the following prominent scholars to speak on issues related to their missions.

Community scholar sessions are open to all attendees. Attend any and all sessions of interest to learn about the discussion topics and the role that communities play within NCSS.

Day and Time TBD

Suzanne Litrel

Sponsored by the World History Community
"World History and the Academic Exchange: K-16 Pathways to Learning”
Description to come
Suzanne Litrel is an award-winning IB/AP World History and Economics Teacher and author of the Jackie Tempo historical fiction series.

Day and Time TBD

Andrea McEvoy Spero and Susan Katz

Sponsored by the Human Rights Community
"Teaching with a Human Rights Lens”
Description to come.
Andrea McEvoy Spero is Director of Education at The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University. Susan R. Katz is Professor, International and Multicultural Education at University of San Francisco.

Day and Time TBD

Elizabeth Yost Hammer

Sponsored by the Psychology Community
"Title to come"
Description to come.
Elizabeth Yost Hammer is Professor of Psychology at Xavier University of Louisiana.

Day and Time TBD

Debra Fowler

Sponsored by the LGBTQ & Allies Community
"Title to Come"
Description to come.
Debra Fowler is a teacher at Lowell HIgh School, Lowell, MA.

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