Community Scholar Speakers

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Several NCSS communities have invited the following prominent scholars to speak on issues related to their missions.

Community scholar sessions are open to all attendees. Attend any and all sessions of interest to learn about the discussion topics and the role that communities play within NCSS.

Diana Hess photo_0.jpg Walter Parker photo_0.jpg Peter Levine photo_0_0.jpg

Diana Hess, Walter Parker, Peter Levine

Sponsored by the Citizenship Community
"New Research on Pedagogical Practices of Highly Effective Civics Teachers”

Diana Hess is Senior Vice President of the Spencer Foundation. Walter Parker is Professor of Education and Political Science at the University of Washington. Peter Levine is Director of The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University.

Robert Murowchick photo_0.jpg

Robert Murowchick

Sponsored by the Asia Community
"Making the Past Serve the Present: Politics, Nationalism, and Archaeology in China”

Robert Murowchick is Director of the International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH) at Boston University.

Yali Zhao photo_0.jpg

Yali Zhao

Sponsored by the International Collaborative Community
"Seeking and Promoting the Common Dreams between Different Worlds: Stories and Efforts of Chinese Immigrant Faculty"
As co-editor of the recently-published book Seeking the Common Dreams between the Worlds: Stories of Chinese Immigrant Faculty in North American Higher Education, Dr. Zhao will share the turbulent yet inspiring and fruitful stories of many Chinese immigrant faculty and their strenuous efforts in seeking the common dreams of peace and cross-cultural understanding between the United States and China.

Yali Zhao is associate professor of Social Studies and Multicultural Education in the College of Education at Georgia State University

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