International Visitors’ Program (IVP)

NCSS Annual Conference

International Visitors Program (IVP)

The International Visitors Program seeks to broaden the perspectives of NCSS members, to
welcome international educators to the conference and offer networking
opportunities that can result in lasting partnerships with educators around
the globe.

The International Visitors Task Force (IVTF), a group of NCSS leaders and
educators with an interest in international education, administers and
coordinates the International Visitors Program. IVTF co-chairs are Jesus
Garcia ( and Kim O’Neil (

The International Visitors Program includes the following components:

  1. A Welcome Reception, hosted by NCSS and IA Presidents, is offered on
    Thursday night honoring all foreign conference attendees. Sponsors sought

  2. A special program schedule indicating potential sessions/workshops to
    attend is designed for the world region focus group(s) attending the
    conference as part of a Presidential Initiative each year.

  3. At the President’s Breakfast on Friday morning, a table is reserved for
    the focus region and special recognition is offered by the President of NCSS
    during his/her speech. Breakfast tickets are purchased by all international
    attendees upon registration in the usual manner.

  4. A special “flag” indicating participation in the International Visitors
    Program is distributed to each international visitor at registration when
    picking up conference packets. They serve to honor and provide a
    higher profile for conference participants who travel from other world

  5. A one-hour session about Vital Issues in International Education is
    offered on Saturday. The session is coordinated by an IVTF member who also
    acts as session chair. Panelists are selected from the focus world region(s)
    to discuss relevant international social studies issues that are interesting
    to NCSS members.

  6. An invitation to the First-Timers and International Visitors Ice Cream
    Social is offered. This session serves as a final opportunity to meet with
    leaders of NCSS and other international visitors to the conference. NCSS uses
    this as an opportunity to survey IVP participants about their conference

  7. An annual meeting of the International Visitors Task Force occurs on
    Sunday morning to review activities and discuss participant evaluations of the
    International Visitors Program. The meeting also serves to revise the program
    as needed, to staff subcommittees, and to plan for upcoming conferences.

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