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Rock the Vote Democracy Class

Rock the Vote's Democracy Class is a one-period, civics education lesson plan that teaches high school students about the importance of voting, the history behind it, and registers them to vote. The program uses popular culture, video, a mock election, and classroom discussion to excite students about participating in our democracy and enable them to recognize the power that comes with voting.

Educators can download the materials needed to teach Democracy Class for free from

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Video Games and the First Amendment: Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association 

Students will explore the nuances of the First Amendment through a recent Supreme Court ruling that reversed a California court’s ban on the sale of violent video games to minors.
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The ReDistricting Game: Teaching Congressional Gerrymandering through an Online Simulation Game

An innovative online simulation game that spotlights the problem of gerrymandering can help students understand the congressional redistricting process.
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I like Chocolate Ice Cream: A Lesson in Thinking Civics

If You Had One Tax Question to Ask the Candidates

Reforming our tax laws poses enormous political challenges today, but a good start would be to teach students about the inequities in the U.S. tax system.
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Presidential Nominating Conventions: Unconventional This Year?

Students can learn a great deal by examining the complicated system of party conventions and the key role that they play

Analyzing the Messages of the State of the Union Address

--Mark T. Kissling and Christopher C. Martell
The president´s annual speech to Congress on the condition of the nation offers students an opportunity to examine key domestic issues as well as the president´s proposals.

Ferguson Is About Us Too: A Call to Explore Our Communities

--Alexander Cuenca and Joseph R. Nichols, Jr.
The events in Ferguson, Missouri, can serve as a jumping off point into an exploration of students’ own communities.

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April 22, 2015 -
5:45pm to 7:30pm

NCSS Advocacy Webinar: Cultivating a Civic Culture of Learning

Web Hutchins, the founder of Civics for All, will share how he is engaging students in local communities to support civic learning. In addition, Catriona Macdonald, NCSS lobbyist and President of Linchpin Strategies, LLC, will also join us to brief us on the latest developments on the ESEA reauthorization front.

Writing a School Constitution: Representative Democracy in Action

In the September/October 2014 _Social Studies and the Young Learner, Lorraine S. McGarry and Donnan M. Stoicovy describe how their school's annual "town hall meetings" to start the school year lead to a C3-aligned project during which students wrote a code of rights and responsibilities, which included the authentic experiences of electing representatives and holding a constitutional convention.

"Writing a School Constitution: Representative Democracy in Action" (pdf)"

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