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Civics & Government

Public Opinion: Who Cares and Why Should You?

Integrating a study of public opinion into Social Studies, Math, Science, and English. Students will review, create, and write about surveys and other methods of opinion taking with technology.

Community-Based Research: Opening Minds, Addressing Societal Issues

Implementing the pedagogy of service learning, University students engaged in Community Based Research (CBR) with identified community partners to help answer pressing questions in the community regarding poverty and homelessness.

Calling All National Board Certified Social Studies Teachers

All teachers or scholars interested in or holding National Board Certification in social studies are invited to this meeting. We will discuss several topics including using the NCSS Connected website.

Innovative Hands-on Projects for Incorporating Active Learning in Your Classroom

This session presents ready-to-go lessons that engage and challenge students in collaborative activities and encourage civic participation. Through active learning, students gain the skills needed for 21st century's challenges.

Promises, Promises: Consent of the Governed

Through activities and discussions, participants explore two free downloadable lessons by the Bill of Rights Institute that help students understand the development and significance of the contract theory of government.

Are Elections Democratic? Problem-Based Teaching of the Election Process

Using persistent and problematic issues found in the election process draws in student engagement creating interest in the process beyond traditional election years, while also building future citizenship skills.

Cultivate Literacy Skills and Civics with C-SPAN Classroom's Online Resources

Discover how C-SPAN Classroom's free primary source materials on Congress, Campaign 2012, and public affairs enhance social studies curriculums and cultivate students' literacy, technology and research skills.

Every Vote Counts! Helping Young Children Understand the Voting Process

Experience lessons designed to make presidential elections relevant to young students. Making choices, compare/contrast candidates, political posters, vocabulary strategy, mock election. Primary sources. Ready-to-go lessons. Resources provided

Got Games?: Using Hands, Hearts and Heads for Civic Literacy

Bring on the games! This session provides opportunities to engage students with interactive gaming environments as non-fiction text, providing rich possibilities for civic literacy in a no-cost format.

The Rule of Law: Bedrock for Social Justice and Equity

Teaching students at all levels that the rule of law is the basis for all democratic ideals will ensure equity, justice and opportunity for all citizens in diverse, multicultural societies.


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