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Civics & Government

"Do As I Do": Modeling Collaboration and Inclusion in Civics

Elementary teachers share a professional collaboration model used to teach civics across grade levels, applying Project Citizen and student mentoring to foster inclusion, differentiation, and meaningful participation among all learners.

Teaching 21st Century Literacy Skills with Civil Discourse Strategies

This session addresses our ideologically divided media and the uncivil behavior it often inspires. Participants will learn 21st century literacy skills that help deflect uncivil discourse in adoloscents.

Using the Supreme Court as Lens for Discussing Controversial Topics

Supreme Court cases can provide an intellectual framework for students to discuss controversial topics. Session will use recent cases to explore how to use Supreme Court briefs in the classroom.

The Digital Upgrade of "Letters to the President"

The Annenberg Presidential Learning Center will introduce 21st century strategies of communicating to our elected officials. Participants will leave with classroom ready curriculum, literacy strategies, and technological upgrades.

The Drafting Board: Developing Writing Skills through Civic Debate

iCivics' latest online tool helps students build literacy and argumentation skills by crafting polished essays around a range of exciting civics topics; it also provides teachers with key assessment tools.

Putting the Constitution into ConText

This session will expose participants to James Madison's Notes on the federal convention, making the debates over the Constitution from 225 years ago relevant to the debates about government today.

Technology and the Fourth Amendment

Wiretapping, infrared, GPS, oh my! Courts repeatedly address the use of technology to conduct searches. Will explore cases raising technological challenges to the Constitution, and discuss methods for teaching them.

Campify Your Classroom: No Marshmallows Required

This session will bring the magic of summer camp activities to the classroom to engage students in innovative learning experiences that promote the necessary skills to be active democratic citizens.

I'm a Future Voter!

Educating the next generation of active, informed citizens.

Symphony for the Movements: Social Conceptions and the Digital Age

Session facilitates activities that prompt classroom discussions relative to changing patterns of exposure to music media and relationships to social literacies. Participants will partake in activities and receive classroom materials.


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