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Civics & Government

AP Government and AP Statistics: Creating Political and Mathematical Fusion

This session explores a cross-curricular approach to teaching government and statistics that engages students in the critical evaluation of data when shaping their views regarding government and politics.

Engaging All Students in the Social Studies Classroom

Participants will be introduced to a variety of effective discussion and reading strategies intended to increase participation of struggling students in the social studies classroom.

Teaching the 2012 Presidential Election for the Government Classroom

The timing of the NCSS 2012 conference is ideal for analyzing the presidential election for government classes.

Science-Technology-Society: Teaching for Democratic Citizenship with Socioscientific Issues

Understanding the content and practices of science is essential to citizenship. We will explore ways to incorporate socioscientific issues into social studies curriculum and teaching to strengthen democratic citizenship.

Learning for Environmental Sustainability: Civic Lessons for the 21st Century

Through modeling a Storypath approach, participants will learn about engaging pedagogies that connect diverse students to "lived experiences" and promote application of understandings, skills and dispositions for 21st Century sustainability.

High Tech Community Partnerships: Transforming Students into Active Citizens

Let's play video games to learn about our government and become active citizens! In this interactive presentation participants will learn how to develop community partnerships through free on-line gaming.

Abortion, the Death Penalty and Genocide: Controversial Public Issues

This session utilizes decision-making curriculum to promote an understanding of historical significance. Students will actively research controversial questions and discuss solutions that mimic democratic participation and historical inquiry.

New Technologies for Engaging with the Past

Discover two new technology-based resources from the Center on Congress that engage students in authentic historical inquiry: Congressional Moments videos and the Civic Quotes iPad app.

Human Rights Educators USA: Resources for Social Justice

New network representatives will demonstrate what human rights education is through proven teaching strategies. A sample activity from Minnesota will show how to teach about social justice and equality.

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

In our digital age, books, music, movies are available online. New issues of intellectual property constantly arise: copyrights, trademarks, patents. Experience and learn about free exciting lessons on cutting-edge issues.


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