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Civics & Government

Creating Future Citizens

Students from Arab Spring countries work with students from the US and Taiwan to learn about democracy. Students explore rights and duties, tolerance and freedom, and civic engagement.

Youth Courts: A Window on Social Justice in Action

Seattle high school youth will demonstrate their youth court in which they sentence their peers for actual traffic infractions. Participants will serve as the jurors and apply restorative justice goals.

Human-Environment, Service Learning, and Skill Building: Ingredients for Integration

Service Learning gives students a cross-curricular, hands-on approach to studying the environment and the balance in the relationship between humans and nature while simultaneously investigating global interdependence.

Measuring Up: Linking Research to Social Studies Practice

NCSS Research Community representatives will highlight the intersection between research and social studies practice. Research on both teacher and student assessment processes and evidence-based strategies will be presented.

Civil Discouse IS Possible: Using Structured Academic Controversies

We bemoan our the state of our civic discourse. Structured Academic Controversies teach the skills of perspective taking and respectful disagreement. We need to practice/model these in social studies!

What's New? Policy and Practice for College, Career, and CITIZENSHIP!

Get the most up-to-date policies, research findings, and practices to prepare students for college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century. Gain critical information and skills to advocate for change.

The Truth is Out There: Political Literacy Today

Teach your students how to leverage digital tools and quality websites to find the facts they need to formulate valid opinions and arguments about today's most controversial political issues.

"How Many Points is it Worth?" End the Annoying Question

How do you end this question and grade more fairly? The Four Point grading system! Hear from veteran teachers who converted and won't ever go back.

Rebuilding from Natural Disasters: Simulations of Deliberation

This session focuses on developing classroom simulations on how governments respond to rebuilding areas harmed by natural disasters. This is to help students understand the complex deliberations that accompany reconstruction.

Youths' Notions of Citizenship through Slam Poetry and Visual Literacy

This presentation reviews a social studies project in which students were called to create slam poems and images to address the question "What does it mean to be a 'citizen?'"


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