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Close Up on a Genocide: Rwanda, 1994

Sometimes in April
Reviewed by Jennifer Bauduy and Daly Valet

Book Review

NCSS House of Delegates Resolutions

Surfing the Net

—C. Frederick Risinger
Young people feel a greater connection to history when they are learning about others their age. Here, the author provides a list of websites about children throughout history.


Editor's Notebook

Take Your Students on Virtual Field Trips

C. Frederick Risinger
Students can travel to historical sites, explore museums, and study notable art without ever leaving their computers. The author recommends some exceptional websites for these virtual field trips.


Protecting the Rights of Whistleblowers

—Lauren Robinson
Thousands of federal workers play key roles in safeguarding our nation’s security. Yet, when some of those workers speak up about government errors or corruption, the consequences they suffer can be dire.


Private v. Public Rights (High School)

Editor's Notebook

Does History Matter? Ask the Armenians

—Samuel Totten
Thousands of Armenians recently gathered in the Syrian Desert to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Genocide scholar Samuel Totten describes the two-day memorial and the ongoing impact of that genocide.


No Time for Teas (Elementary Grades 3–5)

—Stacie Fieth and Neil Deason



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