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Editor's Notebook

Internet-based Economic Education: The Case of EconEdLink

—Phillip J. VanFossen and Lisa C. Herman-Ellison
Students tend to be more engaged while working on web-based lessons than worksheets or textbooks. Websites such as EconEdLink can help teachers advance economic education.


Documents and Civic Duties

—Lee Ann Potter
A one-sentence letter from school boy Anthony Ferreira to President Ford stating, “ &I think you are half right and half wrong &” is one of several primary sources featured in this article that highlight for students the value of responsible citizenship.


Tracking Current Events: Using the Internet to Explore Unfolding Stories

—Joseph O Brien, Aaron Grill, Stacia Schwarz, and Jennifer Schlicht
The fast-paced nature of the news world can make it difficult to understand the issues that underlie the headlines. The Tracker interent site enables students to learn about underlying issues as they follow and research current events.


Lesson PlanMoney Panics and the Establishment of the Federal Reserve System

—National Council on Economic Education, New York
An unregulated banking system in the nineteenth century contributed to a string of severe money panics. A short play in this lesson plan helps students understand why this happened and how today’s Federal Reserve System protects against panics.


Documents Informing Students, Students Informing Officials: The Project Citizen Mayoral Youth Conference

—Maria Elena Sardinas
The We the People program has taught countless students how to monitor and influence public policy. In Miami, students considered tax exemptions to spur economic growth, stronger driving license regulations for seniors, and a sales tax to fund public schools.


Editor's Notebook

Lesson PlanGlobalization and Foreign Investment

—, A project of the Carnegie Endowment
International investment has played a key role in propelling the world toward closer economic integration. This lesson plan explains for students the different types of foreign investment and the significance of each.


The Civic Mission of Schools

—Social Education Staff
The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is leading efforts to advance the causeof civic education.


It's My Right (Middle Grades)


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