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Social Education

Enemy Combatants and the Courts

Michelle Parini and Charles F. Williams
The War on Terror is unlikely to have a formal end, which presents unique challenges concerning the detention of suspected terrorists. Here, the authors look at three key cases involving enemy combatants.

Book Review

Presidential Elections in Song, Verse, Commercials, and More

C. Frederick Risinger
There are numerous ways to learn about presidents and their administrations; in this article, the author outlines some unique websites to help students and teachers explore them.

Election 2004

Democracy and Diversity: Social Studies in Action

Jesus Garcia
As we work to build a better future, let's strive to make our own organization more inclusive and make social studies once again a core subject.


How Do Teachers' Political Views Influence Teaching about Controversial Issues?

Diana E. Hess
Educators know that teaching about contentious subjects can spark controversy; in order to approach such subjects, we need to identify and critique how our own views influence what and how we teach.

In Focus

The Verdict of the Keys

Allan J. Lichtman
Is it possible to predict the winner of the presidential election? This historically-based forecasting system hasn’t been wrong yet in predicting the winner of the popular vote.

Election 2004

The World Court in Action: Judging Among the Nations

Reviewed by Kim Bush

Digital Images: Capturing America's Past with the Technology of Today

Michael J. Berson
Students can use digital cameras to explore how their community has changed over time.


Editor's Notebook

Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education Resources—A Guide for Study and Discussion

Alonzo N. Smith
This study guide provides a range of resources in preparation for the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education.


Editor's Notebook


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