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Social Education

The NCSS Presidency: Perennial Themes of Leadership

James J. Sheehan and Mark A. Previte
By looking at past themes of NCSS presidential addresses, the authors hope to shed light on the contemporary struggles of social studies teachers.

Book Review

How Are Teachers Responding to Globalization?

Merry M. Merryfield and Masataka Kasai
Educators can successfully prepare students to be effective citizens by using strategies that promote multiple perspectives, global interconnectedness, and cross-cultural experiences.

Jonathan Zimmerman, Whose America? Culture Wars in the Public Schools

Athena Liss
The author examines Zimmerman’s argument that the greater racial and ethnic diversity in textbooks has not changed their basic approach to America’s national story.

Using Comparative Online Media to Study the Iraq War

Jana Sackman Eaton
Students no longer have to accept one version of the news; they can access online media around the world to gain a deeper understanding of events such as the Iraq war.


The Teachable Moment: Election 2004

Syd Golston
A presidential election year presents the ideal moment for promoting an informed electorate and forming thoughtful young citizens with these activities for K-12 students.

Examining Media Coverage: A Classroom Study of Iraq War News

Christopher R. Leahey
By analyzing print and broadcast media coverage, students can develop their own knowledge and opinions on controversial events.


Past as Prologue: History vs. Social Studies

Alan Singer
Historically, in times of national emergency detractors like to blame social studies for a range of ills in the education system.


Editor's Notebook

School Desegregation Depicted in Docudrama

David L. Wolfford
The author provides in-depth reviews of six films on desegregation.


The Role of American Values in the 2004 Election

C. Frederick Risinger
The battle over values may be a determining issue in the race for the White House. The author identifies various websites to help teachers examine this topic.


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