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Using Social Studies Themes to Investigate Modern Egypt

The topics described here will help refocus the study of Egypt to expand students' perceptions of Egyptian history and introduce contemporary society.

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Resources for Teaching about the Mid-Term Election

Even Wars Have Laws: Upholding an American Tradition

The earliest American leaders upheld basic protections for civilians, prisoners of war, and sick and injured combatants. Such principles can serve as a guide today as we address difficult questions like the treatment of detainees and the issue of torture.

The Bystander's Dilemma: How Can We Turn our Students into Upstanders?

By studying moments in history where bystanders made a difference, teachers can motivate students to think critically in the face of social dilemmas.

Turning Bad News into a Teaching Moment

Teaching about global events such as Haiti's earthquake can help prepare young people for playing an active role in the face of such daunting disasters.

Supreme Court Review

Recent Supreme Court decisions generated surprising controversy, from gun control to First Amendment issues. In 2011, the Court will weigh in on cases dealing with the hiring of illegal immigrants, protests at soldiers' funerals, and selling violent video games.
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Memorandum about the First Nixon-Kennedy Debate

A memo from John Kennedy's press secretary to Richard Nixon's press secretary prior to the first televised presidential debate in history serves as a jumping off point for studying the major issues of the 1960 election.
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An Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Columnist C. Frederick Risinger shares his letter to the president on the risk posed to our democracy by the marginalization of social studies and citizenship education.


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