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Since You Asked: Remembering America's Veterans

Through the Arizona Heritage Project, students work to document their local history and preserve the stories of Arizona?s military veterans.

The Pleasant Valley School: A Living History Project

In Stillwater, Oklahoma, fourth graders from around the state can step back in time and experience a day at the turn of the twentieth century in a one-room schoolhouse.

?Life in a Jar?: A National History Day Project that Touched the World

After learning about a Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children during World War II, students in Kansas created a play for National History Day that is still being performed today, more than 10 years later.

National History Day: Student Historians

When students are challenged by National History Day to probe into history?s unanswered questions, they sometimes become the first to provide the answers.

Students Preserve an Emancipation Site with Archaeological Technology

High school students in Ohio combine study with experience as they unearth and clean artifacts in order to re-create the history of an early settlement of emancipated slaves.

Letters to the Editor

Editors Notebook

2009 House of Delegates Resolutions

March/April 2010 (Volume 74, Number 2)

NCSS on the Development of State Social Studies Standards

History and Politics: Reflections on the Texas Controversy

The Texas State Board of Education's proposed history standards has once again alerted us to the dangers of having standards developed by political activists rather than scholars.


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