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Social Education

The Teachable Moment: Election 2004

Syd Golston
A presidential election year presents the ideal moment for promoting an informed electorate and forming thoughtful young citizens with these activities for K-12 students.

Examining Media Coverage: A Classroom Study of Iraq War News

Christopher R. Leahey
By analyzing print and broadcast media coverage, students can develop their own knowledge and opinions on controversial events.


Past as Prologue: History vs. Social Studies

Alan Singer
Historically, in times of national emergency detractors like to blame social studies for a range of ills in the education system.


Editor's Notebook

School Desegregation Depicted in Docudrama

David L. Wolfford
The author provides in-depth reviews of six films on desegregation.


The Role of American Values in the 2004 Election

C. Frederick Risinger
The battle over values may be a determining issue in the race for the White House. The author identifies various websites to help teachers examine this topic.

Harriet Jacobs: Using Online Slave Narratives in the Classroom

Cheryl Mason Bolick and Meghan M. McGlinn
With digital libraries, valuable documents become readily available, such as the writings of a former slave, Harriet Jacobs, who became an outspoken opponent of slavery.


Editor's Notebook

Teaching With Documents


Web Historical Inquiry Projects

Philip Molebash
The article outlines a practical technique for involving students in doing history rather than simply learning about history.

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