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Chronology of the Iraq War: 2004

Social Education Staff
Iraq was rocked by continued violence and upheaval in 2004. This special section offers a detailed chronology of significant events that affected the country last year.

The Darfur Atrocities Documentation Project

Samuel Totten
Tens of thousands have been killed in a conflict in Sudan. Recently, the author joined a team of experts on the border of Sudan to interview those who had fled the violence in order to determine whether genocide was being perpetrated.


Editor's Notebook

Teaching Consumer Literacy with the Internet

C. Frederick Risinger
Though our educational system does little to prepare students to be intelligent consumers, the internet provides innovative educators with a wealth of information and resources.


Torture and the War on Terror

Ed O’Brien
Educators can equip students with the knowledge and judgement necessary to confront situations such as those that occurred at Abu Ghraib by exploring issues raised by torture, discussing constitutional protections, and teaching about international commitments.


Editor's Notebook

Financial Education

The Interdependence of Economic and Personal Finance Education

John S. Morton
To improve the weak presence of personal finance education in our schools, we must establish its home within the economics curriculum.


Teaching about Election 2004 through the International Media

Jana Sackman Eaton
Looking at media reports from around the world enables a broader discussion on the U.S. election and election issues.

Looking at the Law

Documents in the Digital Age

Lee Ann Potter
As more and more documents exist only in digital form, archivists and historians are faced with new challenges: preserving and providing access to computer-readable historical records.

Looking at the Law

Teachers Can Be Millionaires, Too

Mark C. Schug and William C. Wood
Even people of modest means, such as teachers, can build wealth over time if they adhere to certain simple strategies.

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