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Social Education

Buttons to Bumper Stickers: Political Campaign Memorabilia

Lee Ann Potter
From George Washington to George W. Bush, politicians have used campaign memorabilia to capture the attention of voters. By studying these items, students can learn a great deal about historical issues and candidates.

Surfing the Net

Teaching Social Studies on a Shoestring Budget

S. Kay Gandy
Increased testing is forcing schools to prioritize reading and math, and very little funding is available for social studies. This creative teacher offers a variety of suggestions for teaching in the economically challenged classroom.

Looking at the Law

Becoming Global Citizens: Disadvantaged Students Reach Out to Kids in Hurricane-Ravaged Island

Lynnette B. Erickson, Sharon Black, and Daniel Seegmiller
Today, citizens around the world are searching for ways to help tsunami victims. Students can learn from one sixth grade class who aided peers in the Caribbean after a hurricane several years ago.


Making Community Connections: The Orton Family Foundation Community Mapping Program


The First Act of Congress

Lee Ann Potter
In the early days of this nation, Congress considered numerous acts as it established the laws of the land. Yet the first ever act of Congress concerned an oath to support the Constitution.



The Cherokee Response to Removal

National Museum of the American Indian
This lesson plan offers insight into the Cherokee experience during the native group’s forced nineteenth-century relocation by the federal government in what became known as the “Trail of Tears.”


Sudan Genocide Declaration Stirs the World

PBS NewsHour Extra
What happens once “genocide” is declared? This lesson plan looks at the events in Sudan and at the issue of genocide. Discussion questions lead students to consider what role the international community should play.


The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987: Linking History and Personal Finance Education

Jane S. Lopus
By tapping into students’ curiosity about the stock market, teachers can motivate them to learn many important personal finance concepts.




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