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Social Education

Teaching about Election 2004 through the International Media

Jana Sackman Eaton
Looking at media reports from around the world enables a broader discussion on the U.S. election and election issues.

Looking at the Law

Documents in the Digital Age

Lee Ann Potter
As more and more documents exist only in digital form, archivists and historians are faced with new challenges: preserving and providing access to computer-readable historical records.

Looking at the Law

Teachers Can Be Millionaires, Too

Mark C. Schug and William C. Wood
Even people of modest means, such as teachers, can build wealth over time if they adhere to certain simple strategies.

Lesson Plans

On the Other Side

Lee Ann Potter
The value of an historical document goes far beyond its obvious content, and includes such obscure clues as notations scribbled hastily on the back.

Teaching With Documents

From Crisis to Civic Engagement: The Struggle Over Social Studies Standards in Minnesota

Paul Spies, Jennifer Bloom, Michael Boucher, Carrie Lucking, Lisa Norling, and Rick Theisen
When parents, teachers, and other community members in Minnesota learned that inaccurate and biased social studies standards were going to be implemented in their state, they mounted a rapid opposition and effective campaign.

Surfing the Net

Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai: Connecting Trees, Civic Education, and Peace

Iftikhar Ahmad
In 2004, the Nobel Committee for the first time awarded its peace prize to an environmentalist, a move intended to highlight the link between protecting natural resources and ensuring peace on earth.

Lesson Plan

Understanding Energy Concerns
The rising cost of gasoline affects individual countries differently. This lesson plan guides students to explore oil dependency and its impact on different countries, as well as alternate forms of energy.


Editor's Notebook

Supreme Court Roundup

Charles F. Williams
In its most recent term, the Supreme Court considered a range of important cases relating to the “War on Terror,” federalism, and sentencing guidelines. The author reviews some of the Court’s most significant rulings.


Credit: Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy?

National Council on Economic Education
In this lesson, students learn how quickly credit card balances can grow and how long it can take to pay them off; they also learn some sensible ways to use credit.



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