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Does History Matter? Ask the Armenians

—Samuel Totten
Thousands of Armenians recently gathered in the Syrian Desert to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Genocide scholar Samuel Totten describes the two-day memorial and the ongoing impact of that genocide.


No Time for Teas (Elementary Grades 3–5)

—Stacie Fieth and Neil Deason


Considering the Move to Online Discussions

Bruce E. Larson
Teachers can use electronic boards as well as classroom discussion to help students consider opposing opinions, understand alternative viewpoints, and identify commonalities.


Lesson PlanNew England and the African Slave Trade

—Choices for the 21st Century Education Program, Brown University
Although many people in the United States think of slavery as a Southern institution, New England has a more complex history of slavery and slave trading than many realize.


The Shadow War

—Michelle Parrini and Charles F. Williams
A renewed U.S. government emphasis on espionage to guard against future terrorist attacks brings with it a host of legal challenges concerning the identification and exposure of covert agents and their legal rights.


In the Midst of Strange and Terrible Times: The New York City Draft Riots of 1863

Bárbara C. Cruz and Jennifer Marques Patterson
The riots that shook New York City more than a century ago can provide contemporary students a useful framework for studying such complex issues as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and immigration.


Tinderbox: Economics, Immigration, and Education in a North Carolina Town

James A. Bryant, Jr.
One town’s experience of factory shutdowns and layoffs, coupled by an influx of immigrants, offers a rich opportunity to teach about the outsourcing of jobs while dispelling xenophobic myths and stereotypes.



The Importance of Financial Education Today

Alan Greenspan
Educators can help prevent young people from making poor decisions that have enduring consequences by providing students with a foundation of financial literacy.



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