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Social Education

The Persistent Issues in History Network: Using Technology to Support Historical Inquiry and Civic Reasoning

John W. Saye and Thomas Brush
The authors provide a support structure to assist teachers and students with the problem-based study of major U.S. historical developments.

A Brief History of the Armenian Genocide

—Sara Cohan
This article describes the history of the Armenian people,the problems they faced under Ottoman rule, and the genocide perpetrated against them in the final years of the Ottoman Empire.


An Internet Guide to Teaching the Constitution

—C. Frederick Risinger
The author spotlights some key websites teachers can consult for resources and lesson plans on the Constitution.

Looking at the Law

Using Technology to Teach Historical Understanding

Robert P. Stephens, Jane L. Lehr, Daniel B. Thorp, E. Thomas Ewing, and David Hicks
Doing history in the digital world helps students deepen their historical analysis skills.


Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential

by Gene Sharp
Reviewed by Robert Stevens


The Kingdom of Heaven: Teaching the Crusades

—Scott Alan Metzger
A recent Hollywood film about the Crusades helps students better understand the ongoing conflict between Islam and the West.


Book Talks: Generating Interest in Good Reading

Thomas N. Turner
Presenting students with a variety of social studies-related fiction and nonfiction books can inspire them to read more and learn about issues from a range of perspectives.


Editor's Notebook

Women, WebQuests and Controversial Issues in the Social Studies

Margaret Smith Crocco and Judith Cramer
Using technology to teach controversial issues can motivate students and advance instruction. Here, the authors explore the benefits and constraints of WebQuests for studying gender issues in a global context.

Surfing the Net

Telling Tales:The Teaching of American History through Storytelling

—Tony R. Sanchez and Randy K. Mills
Teachers can relate the excitement, paradox, and importance of American history to students by conveying the challenges of life in the past with stories.



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