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Was the Constitution Pro-Slavery? The Changing View of Frederick Douglass

By Robert Cohen
Many have questioned whether the document on which our nation is based sanctioned slavery. But renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who originally condemned the Constitution, came to view it in a much different light.

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Maps and Map Learning in Social Studies

Sarah Witham Bednarz, Gillian Acheson, and Robert S. Bednarz
Maps are essential learning tools, but they represent varying points of view; so teaching about maps must go hand-in-hand when teaching with maps.

Promising Practices in Using the Internet to Teach Social Studies

C. Frederick Risinger
From classroom blogs, day-to-day assignments, research links, or descriptions of special history projects, teachers and schools are expanding their use of the internet. The author reviews some particularly noteworthy teacher- or school-designed websites.

Editor's Notebook

Rwanda: A Nation Resilient in the Aftermath of Genocide

Samuel Totten
Twelve years after genocide, Rwandans work hard to overcome the scars; yet a recent trip showed the author that division and rage still threaten the nation’s stability.

Supreme Court Preview

Charles F. Williams
Recent Supreme Court decisions showed that the new Court is split on hot-button issues. Topics this Court will tackle in 2006 include race and schools, the partial birth abortion ban, and punitive damages.

The U.S. in Iraq: Confronting Policy Alternatives

Choices for the 21st Century Education Program, Brown University
This lesson plan enables students to consider the principal alternatives facing U.S. policymakers in Iraq and to formulate their own points of view.

Academic Freedom: A Teacher's Struggle to Include Other Voices in History

Prentice T. Chandler
Some parents were mightily displeased when this teacher included documents from Howard Zinn’s compilation in an advanced history class. The author provides tips for educators assailed for breaking out of the mold.

Examining a Seven-Flag Chieu Hoi Pass:A Primary Document from the American War in Viet Nam

Ted Engelmann
A close analysis of the Chieu Hoi pass, dropped over areas of Viet Nam to encourage enemy surrender, provides a unique approach to studying the Viet Nam war.

Teaching about the 2006 Elections with the Internet

C. Frederick Risinger
These websites provide an array of resources, lesson plans, and information for teaching about the midterm elections.


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