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Slavery and its Legacies: Marking the Sesquicentennial of the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (Lessons on the Law)

--Ana Lucia Araujo A close look at the struggle to pass the 13th Amendment will ignite a stimulating classroom debate on the legacies of slavery that persist today.
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Inviting Students to Consider Possible Research Paths Suggested by an Article, a Photograph, and a Sound Recording from the Nineteenth Century (Sources and Strategies)

--Lee Ann Potter
The featured article, photographs, and related sound recordings can serve as a jumping off point into the study of a range of topics including westward expansion, the age of invention, and Native American culture.

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Evaluating Perspectives on Westward Expansion: Weighing the Evidence

--Stephanie Greenhut
A unique online tool helps students analyze documents from opposing perspectives, weigh each source’s significance, and come to evidence-based conclusions.

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Jourdon Anderson and the Meaning of Freedom in the Aftermath of Slavery

--Robert Cohen and Janelle Pearson
The featured letter from an emancipated slave to his former master illuminates the historical transition from slavery to freedom and is an excellent resource for classes in both history and literature.

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Learning History with Mini-Camcorders

--Jeremy D. Stoddard and Meg Hoffman
Three activities described here engage the creativity of at-risk students by incorporating mini-camcorders into the study of the American Revolution, Civil War, and Post-Reconstruction.

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Students Preserve an Emancipation Site with Archaeological Technology

--Paul LaRue
High school students in Ohio combine study with experience as they unearth and clean artifacts in order to re-create the history of an early settlement of emancipated slaves.

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