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Sandra Day O'Connor on "Closing America's Civic Education Deficit"

Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Op-Ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the importance of civic education.

smarrow.gif Closing America's Civic Education Deficit, Philadelphia Inquirer, Op-ed 9/16/2011


Maryland Social Studies Task Force Report

The Maryland Social Studies Task Force has released a report on social studies education in Maryland. Acknowledging the challenges faced by social studies over the past decade, including the unintended marginalization of social studies disciplines caused by NCLB, the social studies task force made nine recommendations in its report that are "intended to reverse social studies’ decline." Key recommendations include establishing standards governing instructional time; administering a statewide social studies assessment in elementary and middle school; increasing social studies course requirements for prospective teachers; and launching a campaign to gain public support for more and better social studies instruction.

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