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Be an NCSS Leader! Apply to serve deadline March 2011!

Be an NCSS Leader!
Serve on an NCSS Operations Committee

Operations committees carry out board-mandated operations, duties, and policies, as well as many of the necessary business and organizational functions of NCSS. Operations committees relate their work to Board directives, the long-range plan of NCSS, and the leadership theme of the year set by the Board. They make recommendations to the board and provide advice.

You must be a member of NCSS to serve on a committee, serving on one committee at any time. NCSS is committed to expanding participation of underrepresented groups. Beginning teachers, elementary teachers, and minorities are encouraged to apply. Terms of office begin July 1, 2011.

Online Committee Application
Applications due March 31, 2011. Appointments will be made by the incoming president in June 2011.

Attendance is expected at committee meetings occuring during the NCSS Annual Conference. If a member is unable to attend the Annual Conference, advance notice is expected.

Committees also work on tasks between conferences on the Internet and through email.

Appointment and Tenure
Appointments are made in June 2011. Three-year terms begin July 1, 2011.
NCSS members are limited to serving no more than six consecutive years on a committee.
Full and active participation from all levels of education, all ethnic groups, and all geographic areas is encouraged.

Operations Committees

Archives Committee
Ensures that documentation and artifacts relevant to NCSS history are secured in the NCSS archives.

Reviews current archival holdings and makes assessments regarding the needs of the collection, and recommends policies and procedures that would ensure that relevant materials are collected and made accessible.
Conducts sessions at NCSS Annual Conferences and other meetings to help educators in accessing archived materials.

Awards Committee
Establishes guidelines for new and existing NCSS recognition programs and oversees the award selection process.

Works with NCSS staff in coordinating recognition programs.
Selection Subcommittees review nominations and applications for individual awards.

Conference Committee
Advises the NCSS Board of Directors on policies and other matters pertaining to the NCSS Annual Conference, including conference sites, and on matters pertaining to other NCSS conferences.

Advises NCSS regarding endorsement of regional and other social studies conferences.

Government and Public Relations Committee

Advises the NCSS Board of Directors and staff on matters pertaining to government relations.

Develops strategies and programs to influence public policy, with the goals of promoting social studies and enhancing education for civic competence.

Membership Committee
Advises the NCSS Board of Directors and staff on matters pertaining to NCSS membership, including policies, processing, and marketing.

Recommends programs and policies to encourage participation of educators from all levels, ethnic groups, and geographic areas.

Publications Committee
Advises the NCSS Board of Directors and Director of Publications regarding the NCSS publications program.

Assists the NCSS Director of Publications in identifying reviewers, potential authors, and topics.
Oversees the work of the Social Education Subcommittee.

Social Education Select Subcommittee.
In conjunction with the editor of Social Education, ensures that the journal effectively meets the needs of the profession and the organizational priorities of NCSS.

Makes recommendations to the Publications Committee regarding the journal.

Provides ongoing assistance to the editors of Social Education.

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