Award for Global Understanding given in honor of James M. Becker


The award will be granted annually at the NCSS Annual Conference

  • $2,000 cash award;
  • Commemorative gift;
  • a session to present at the NCSS annual conference;
  • complimentary NCSS conference registration;
  • up to $700 in transportation/lodging reimbursement; and
  • publicity.

Purpose of the Award

To recognize annually a social studies educator (or a team of educators) who has made notable contributions in helping social studies students increase their understanding of the world.

Sponsored by:

NCSS Sponsors the award which is supported by funds from the Longview Foundation.



Eligibility Criteria:

  • Anyone may nominate.
  • NCSS membership is required.
  • Nominees must be social studies educators who are affecting the global understanding of P-12 students.
  • Nominees must address several elements of global education as described in the criteria below.


Nominees must excel in at least 5 of the 6 categories of the selection criteria listed below:

  • Ensures that students learn and apply global education within the social studies. Elements associated with global education include global interdependence, multiple perspectives, global systems, cultural universals and cultural differences, perspective consciousness, global issues, global history, local/global connections (as in historical or current events), appreciation of diverse cultures within the local community, nation, and world. See the NCSS Position Statement on Global Education for more information on how NCSS defines global education.
  • Infuses primary and secondary sources (websites, documents, media, literature, people, etc.,) from other world regions into instruction to counter stereotypes, exotica, misinformation, or lack of knowledge.
  • Makes use of current scholarship from history, the social sciences, or other appropriate fields so that students learn up to date information on historical scholarship and/or cultural, political, economic, technological, or environmental changes across the planet.
  • Facilitates student's cross-cultural experiences that allow them to meet and work together with people different from themselves, increase their intercultural skills, and develop appreciation and interest in diverse cultures.
  • Develops curricula and assessments and uses technology in ways that integrate world-mindedness with active learning, a spirit of inquiry, and the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Is professionally involved in global education through activities such as sharing expertise in workshops or professional meetings, political action, research, global education projects in the local community or state, online projects, curriculum development committees, publications, association activities, etc.

Nomination Requirements:

  • Cover Page (See Attachment Below).
  • Letter of nomination written by the nominator which highlights the nominee's major strengths and accomplishments in infusing global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding into his/her current work assignment (not to exceed two (2) pages single-spaced).
  • Vitae or professional resume prepared by the nominee.
  • Two letters supporting the nomination from two of the following: Immediate supervisor, parents, academic teammates, State Social Studies Council, Local Social Studies Council, other social studies professionals.
  • Nominee Narrative -- written by the nominee describing in some detail how he/she meets at the Awards Criteria (not to exceed seven one-sided single-spaced 8-1/2 x 11 in. pages of 12 font).
  • Appendices of documentation for narrative organized by the six Award Criteria listed below. The documentation may include evidence of instructional planning (1 lesson/unit plans), actual instruction, (video or CD) as well as evidence of student work (sample projects, photos, videos/CDs, websites, etc.), professional presentations, or publications. The appendices section should not exceed to 18 pages in total even if provided in a CD or DVD. Note these materials will not be returned. Please indicate on any discs submitted whether a CD or DVD and make sure that your disc is formatted to be readable in a PC.
  • Publicity Outreach. Please provide the name, contact name, title, and e-mail for:
    • Major local/community newspaper (up to 2)
    • District Superintendent
    • Direct supervisor
  • Information Release Statement (on cover page)

Submission Requirements:

  • Seven (7) sets of all nomination materials listed above.
  • Each set of nomination materials should be bound and contain subject dividers that identify materials by the nomination requirement headings listed above.

Preference will be give to nominees directly affecting the global understanding of P-12 social studies students. Review the contents of your submission carefully. The Subcommittee reserves the right to remove from consideration any application that fails to meet all submission requirements. The selection subcommittee will consider composition, spelling, grammar, etc. in the evaluation process. Nomination materials that are incomplete or that do not meet the established criteria will not be considered.

For more information on NCSS Awards and Grants, contact Prema Cordeiro, Program Manager, External Relations & Council Communications at or 301-588-1800, ext. 106

Postmarked Deadline by May 15, 2010

Send to:
The Award for Global Understanding Selection Subcommittee
National Council for the Social Studies
8555 Sixteenth Street, Suite 500,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

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