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Charter Operators Pull Back From Memphis Turnaround Effort

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 6:03pm
Three national charter networks have recently scaled back plans to take over failing schools in the district, underscoring the challenges for turnaround efforts.
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Top Principals Expand Reach to Multiple Schools

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 6:02pm
The Clark County, Nev., and Denver districts experiment with giving successful leaders more than one school to manage.
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My Favorite Teachers Use Social Media: A Student Perspective

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 6:02pm
High school freshman Katie Benmar writes that teachers who enhance learning with technology hold students' attention.
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Key to Vocabulary Gap Is Quality of Conversation, Not Dearth of Words

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 6:00pm
A seminal study on the early word gap between the children of college graduates and high school dropouts has led to more nuanced findings about language development.
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The Learning Network: Weekly News Quiz | April 14-20, 2015

Education News from NY Times - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 5:22pm
Have you been following the news? Take our quiz to see what you know and to learn more, and look for a new edition each week on Tuesday morning.

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Strauss: Sir Ken Robinson has a lot to say about U.S. school reform (it isn’t good)

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 5:21pm
The previous post is an excerpt from a new book by Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica, titled “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Changing Education.” Changing education is what Robinson has been all about for some years, as a professor, author, and adviser to governments and numerous nonprofit organizations around the world. From 1985 to 1988, he was the director of an initiative to develop arts education in England and Wales that involved a few thousand teachers and artists. He served as the head of a national youth arts development agency in the United Kingdom called Artswork. Robinson was a professor of education at the University of Warwick for a dozen years, and in 1998, he was appointed by the British government to lead a commission to examine creativity and education. He has written several books on creativity and learning, and in 2003, Queen Elizabeth II of England knighted him for his life’s work.Read full article >>

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Parent, School Issues at Stake in Same-Sex Marriage Fight

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 5:09pm
Gay couples are making their case to the U.S. Supreme Court over states' refusal to license or recognize such unions, a conflict with an array of implications for schools.
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Georgetown students plan to unite far from Westboro Baptist picketers

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 5:04pm
When some students at Georgetown learned the school would be the next targets of Westboro Baptist Church, a small and stridently anti-gay group best known for its protests at military funerals, they didn’t want to hold a counter-protest.Read full article >>

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Strauss: How to really change education — excerpt from Sir Ken Robinson’s new book

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:59pm
In 2006, the internationally known educator Sir Ken Robinson gave a TED talk — titled “How schools kill creativity” — that became the most popular of all time, with more than 32.6 million views to date. Robinson, who has worked in education for some 40 years, published a new book on Tuesday that expands on his previous work about creativity and human potential and offers descriptions of schools that are doing the work that he advocates with young people. Below is an excerpt.Read full article >>

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Q&A: Reporter Delves Into World of 'Digital Play'

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:58pm
Veteran USA Today reporter Greg Toppo discusses his new book examining the hopes and reality of how schools and students are trying to use digital games for learning.
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Why Are We Teaching Democracy Like a Game Show?

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:38pm
Memorizing the answers to a naturalization test will not help students learn about civics, writes Joseph Kahne.
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A High School Diploma Doesn't Guarantee College Success

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:31pm
Educators should dissuade students from entering colleges with low graduation rates, write Joseph Sanacore and Anthony T. Palumbo.
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School Choice Works, Privatization Won't

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:30pm
School vouchers divert millions from public education and do not produce results for students, writes Delaware Gov. Jack Markell.
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More Universities Take Up SBAC 'College-Ready' Cutoffs

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:27pm
Nearly 200 colleges and universities agreed to use Smarter Balanced assessment results in deciding which students take remedial courses.
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Traction Limited in Rolling Back Common Core

Education Week - Tue, 04/21/2015 - 4:23pm
Foes of the Common Core State Standards hoped this would be their year in state legislatures, but so far they have little to boast about.
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