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111th Congress: Freshman Biographies

Washington Partners has provided us with another extremely useful resource for looking ahead to advocacy in the next Congress. Be sure to take a minute to scan through the brief bios of newly elected members of Congress in the attached report.

These background summaries place particular emphasis on:

  • their stance on education   --> read more »

  • Related:

    2008 Election Results Reports

    See attached reports from Washington Partners on the results of the elections as they pertain to the prospects for education in the next congress and administration:

    1. A summary that outlines changes Congress, provides a quick overview of Obama's plans for education and includes a chart of important races in the House and Senate.

    Review of the Legislative Achievements and Efforts of the 110th Congress

    Attached below is a Review of the Legislative Achievements and Efforts of the 110th Congress as they relate to the interests and concerns of NCSS courtesy of Washington Partners. The report is divided into two parts:

    I. Education Legislation enacted by the 110th Congress, including:   --> read more »


    Education Report: October 17, 2008

    Please see the attached Education Report for October 17, courtesy of Washington Partners.

    Highlights to examine include:

    1. Appropriations-- the economic crisis continues to be Congress' main focus

    NCSS Views Expressed in Letters to Presidential Candidates

    Please see below letters sent to each presidential candidate expressing NCSS' views, priorities and concerns on issues that will be considered by the next administration.

    We look forward to working with the new administration and will continue to advocate for the interests and concerns of NCSS members after the election.


    Education Report: October 10, 2008

    Please see the Education Report for October 10, courtesy of Washington Partners below. Highlightsinclude:

    1. Appropriations--Looking ahead to negotiations over education funding for Fiscal Year 2009
      -Next stage: conference committee meetings to come up with a comprehensive spending plan
      -When can we expect this to be announced?

    Legislative Watch List: October 9, 2008

    Of potential interest in this week's Education Watch List from Washington Partners:

    I. Emphasis on after school programs and expanded learning opportunities

    1. S.CON.RES. 104-- A joint resolution supporting "Lights on After School"
    2. H.R. 7127-- A bill authorizing the ED secretary to create grants to put the Total Learning Curriculum into use.

    NCSS Comments on Implementation of the Higher Education and Opportunity Act

    Please see the attached letter below sent to the Department of Ed. that expresses NCSS' perspective on plans for the the implementation of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. The letter places a particular emphasis on programs in Title II that focus on enhancing teacher preparation.   --> read more »


    Education Report: October3, 2008

    See the Education Report for October 3, 2008, courtesy of Washington Parters.

    Highlights include:

    1. Appropriations--Congress consumed with the bail out crisis.
      -President signs continuing resolution (CR) to extend current funding through March

    Good News From California: AJR 64 Legislation Supports Social Studies

    Officers and members of the California CSS convened, in the company of State Assemblyman Gene Mullin, to voice their concerns about the narrowing of the curriculum and to advocate for the inclusion of the social studies during the annual CACSS conference in the spring.   --> read more »

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