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Read, Write, Create, Debate

Participants will analyze events leading up to the Revolution. They will engage in the art of debate and use digital technology to create a cartoon animation.

Off The Page--Bringing Social Studies to Life!

Our mission is to make material more accessible to students by creating a kinesthetic response. We create lessons that get students out from their desks, actively engaged in "doing history."

Transforming Students of Today Into Problem-Solvers of Tomorrow

Explore an exciting method of teaching history where students formulate innovative, effective solutions to simulated, real-world problems using a collaborative process called the “4 Ds of problem-solving,” from Ted McCain.

"I Write to Learn What I Think": Literacy through History

Facing History and Ourselves has created resources for teaching evidence-based argumentative writing. Presentation will profile writing strategies and highlight connections to the History/Social Studies Common Core standards.

Tearing Down Walls: Helping Kids Make Connections between Classes

This session will focus on how collaborative planning across disciplines can be flexible and successful. Adaptable and innovative teaching strategies will be presented and explored by participants. Resources provided.

The iPad and the 21st Century Social Studies Classroom

Bring your iPad and explore intriguing educational apps, Web 2.0 sites, and new digital textbooks that up the device's usefulness and potential. Share apps and practices and see classroom examples.

History Alive! Just "Do" History

Join TCI to discover concrete strategies for engaging students in learning and connecting them to history. You’ll learn how to transform history instruction by tapping multiple intelligences.

Enlightenment Hearing: European Philosophy and the American Constitution

This interactive hearing engages participants in a historical role play to show how the nation's founders were influenced by European Enlightenment thinkers.

You Can Do It! Facilitating a Dynamic Inclusion Classroom

Led by a sixteen-year veteran of the Chicago Public Schools, this workshop will explore teaching and learning strategies that fully engage student learners and raise rigor in the inclusive classroom.

Teacher Performance Assessment: Stellar Secondary Social Studies Candidate Preparation Strategies

A Secondary Social Studies TPA Supervisor reports findings from the field and recommends strategies for preparing candidates for success in this complex but meaningful portfolio assessment system.


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