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Their Voices, Their World: Connecting Social Studies, Literacy, and Science

We sometimes shelter students from challenging issues because we struggle with them ourselves. Learn about using children's literature to frame global challenges as opportunities to make a positive difference.

Preparing Students for Global Citizenship in the Age of Globalization

This presentation will provide elementary teachers K-6th grade and social studies methods faculty with practical lesson ideas to help learners develop skills for success as global citizenship.

Human Rights Education for Our Youngest Learners

This workshop will introduce the content and pedagogy of Human Rights Education (HRE) for Pre-K and elementary learners. Participants will be given activities to begin integrating HRE in their classrooms.

Come Explore the Multimedia and Technological Renaissance in History Today

Too often our classrooms lack the mediums that distract and detain our students. Today one will gain the ability to use those same distractions to attract and retain all students.

Slavery, Women and War! Students Debate Ancient Athenian Social Issues

This session demonstrates how students can surpass basic comparisons of Ancient Greek and modern American democracy to understand how enduring social issues were debated in the world's first direct democracy.

QR Codes: What are Those?

Increase literacy with QR codes. Discover the many ways you and your students can create QR codes for classroom use. A few ideas are bellwork, story telling and assessment.

Are We Cool Yet? Hot Topics in Cold War Policy

Using historical inquiry your students decide the role of government analyzing current policy in the Cold War's neglected regions, the Great Basin and the Navajo Reservation. Resources will be provided.

Windows to World War II: Transatlantic Cooperation 70 Years On

Learn about engaging history lessons set in a global narrative and exciting opportunity for professional development in the UK. Teachers and museum educators share primary source-based practical middle school activities.

Highway 61: Blues and the Great African American Migration

This presentation depicts traditional blues music as an example of oral history that paints a tangible picture of the motivations and experiences that led to the Great African American Migration.

"Goin' West": Paintings as Windows into Americans' Expansionist Attitudes

Participants will experience engaging instruction using primary source paintings of the 19th century American West. They will learn a new, versatile instructional method for promoting historical thinking.


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