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Can Your Students Create a Better Budget than Congress?

Participate in the NPR Marketplace "Budget Hero" simulation adapted for classroom use. Use this hands-on activity to motivate and engage students in the federal budget process.

Healthcare & the Supreme Court: Understanding the Case and Decision

Join Street Law for an interactive exploration of federalism and the healthcare reform case decided by the Supreme Court in 2012. Receive interactive lesson plans about these topics.

Civics and the NAEP: Are We Testing What We're Teaching?

Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress suggest that students persistently fail to achieve proficiency in civics. Could this stem from a mismatch between content standards and test questions?

Debating The U.S. Constitution in a Vibrant Democracy

James Madison Fellows share effective classroom teacher-developed lessons fostering critical thinking skills while engaging students in civil discourse when considering Constitutional issues of social justice and diversity in American society.

Speaking in Seattle: When Protest is Protected Speech

From the Industrial Workers of the World to Occupy Seattle, the Pacific Northwest has long witnessed political protest. What protest is protected speech? What can governmnet regulate? Teaching materials provided.

Lights! Camera! Action! Social Studies & Reader's Theatre!

Join us in opening the window to the world of social studies through reader's theatre! We will explore published scripts as well as how to create scripts from children's books.

Utilizing the Learning Cycle Model for Teaching History through Inquiry

The Learning Cycle is an instructional model that utilizes inquiry in developing concepts. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how this model can be utilized in teaching history.

Making History Come Alive: A "Living Museum" for Elementary Students

Session describes how a teacher preparation program built a "living museum" in partnership with the state historical society to help students understand the power of "doing history" in the community.

The NCSS Notable Tradebooks- Engaging Elementary Lesson Plans!

The audience will be engaged in fascinating elementary level lessons based on a wide variety of NCSS Notable Tradebooks. All audience members will receive a CD containing the lesson plans.

The Handwriting Wars: Bridging the Digital Divide with Keyboarding

This presentation counters the conventional myth that handwriting instruction in cursive be replaced with keyboarding. It asserts the cognitive connection of handwriting instruction with communication and suggests a balanced approach.


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