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Digital Heroes! Engaging Students Globally with the MY HERO Project

Open the world of character education through MY HERO's online resources! Using global galleries of student-submitted photos, stories, and films, empower your students as critical viewers-- and contributors-- about heroes.

A Day in the Life of a Child-- Rwanda

What is it like to grow up in Sub-Saharan Africa? How are our lives different or similar? Explore modern Rwanda through the photographs and interviews of Rwandan youth.

The Geography Assessment Framework: The NSF Roadmap for Geography Education

The newly created national assessment framework for geographic education emphasizes geographical practices and will guide assessment development for K-16. Participants will leave with models for assessing students' geographical thinking.

Learning about and Writing for Journals in the Social Studies

Editors of seven major journals in social studies education will provide overviews of their respective journals (purpose, audience, circulation, publication guidelines, etc.) for readers and prospective authors.

A Disciplinary Approach to Teaching Historical Controversy

See how a demonstration of a controversial issue--detainment without trial--can be treated in classrooms in a disciplinary manner. We provide a research-based approach to effectively address controversial issues in history.

Providing Professional Purpose to Pre-Service Teachers

Explore methods that will provide preservice teachers with professional opportunities allowing them to engage and contribute to the field of social studies even before they graduate!

Learning about China through Architecture: Past and Present

Tianjin's architecture offers a "Window to the Pacific Rim" that not only reflects the China's history in the 19th century but also reflects its fast development into modern country.

Unfolding New Roadmaps to Geographic Literacy

How do we improve geographic education for 21st century learners? Explore and discuss the results of a two-year project to enhance professional development, instructional materials, assessments, and research in geography.

Textbook, Technology, Stories and Sources: Creating a Historical Learning Package

We often see sources and or technology as alternatives to the tyranny of the history textbook. This session looks at practical ways to blend these resources into powerful learning packages.

Silk Roads Trade: Explaining the Rules of the Road

In less than an hour, this simulation will have your students completely comprehending the economics of the Silk Roads and the voyages of exploration. Complete simulation included for participants.


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