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Click, Learn, and Teach: Professional Development for Econ Teachers

The Atlanta and St. Louis Feds have developed online professional development for teachers. The result is a package that includes both content and pedagogy. Best of all, it's free!

The History Lab: Building Your Digital Toolbox

Fill your toolbox with resources that will encourage your students to interact with history like never before. Bring your laptop and walk away with ideas you can use on Monday.

Preview of the Supreme Court's Term

This session gives participants an opportunity to analyze two cases argued before but not yet decided by the U.S. Supreme Court this term. Supreme Court Summer Institute information provided.

I Inquire, We Inquire: Learning and Teaching with Primary Sources

Have you searched the Library of Congress Website and felt overwhelmed? Learn strategies to locate a wealth of primary sources through inquiry and discover ways to get students to think!

The Power of Pictures: Advancing Equity Using Multicultural Picture Books

Join us in an interactive exploration of multicultural picture books designed to increase student engagement, support culturally responsive teaching, and promote equity for all learners.

Windows on the Past: Language Arts, Visual Arts, Social Studies

Participants will examine the theme of Time, Continuity and Change, applying the core skills of compare/contrast and point-of-view through content, literature and the visual arts.

Including Diverse Families in Pre-K / Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum

This session will explore conceptions of family in elementary curricula sharing diverse families' hopes for inclusion in early social studies curriculum and best practices regarding the inclusion of diverse families.

Opening the Window to Korean Literature for Elementary Children

Learn how Korean children's literature can integrate reading, language arts and social studies with engaging lessons. CD's of lesson plans will be provided.

Mental Maps: A Specialized Window to Geographic Literacy

Co-teachers present interactive lessons from Developing Mental Maps, a State of Delaware Prioritized Model Unit, using literature, manipulatives, geo-graphics, and online resources. Participants engage in conversations about geographic literacy.

How to Succeed in Business: First Grade Entrepreneurs in Action

Teaching about entrepreneurship is easier than you think. Students delight in developing a product with classmates, while learning about microfinancing, collateral, a business plan, market research, production, advertising, and pricing.


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