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Psychology & Social Justice: Activities to Promote Excellence to Equity

Learn activities to teach cross-cultural and positive psychology to help students understand social justice. These activities provide a rich opportunity to learn psychology and promote social engagement.

Report from Japan's Post 3.11 Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

A scholar from Sendai shares his experience with the natural disaster and on-going recovery effort. The session explores the avenues for national/international civic engagements for youth in post 3.11 Japan.

Beyond Just War and Pacifism: A Window to Peace

Learn strategies to help students think critically about when or if war is justified. Lesson plans provided to promote critical thinking about major conflicts in the world today.

Being We the People: Engaging Students Across Cultures

Using the National Constitution Center's international program, Being We the People as a case study, participants will look a new ways to engage students across cultures using multimedia platforms.

Putting Bloom's Taxonomy to Rest

This influential framework has crippled the teaching of thinking and subject matter in social studies for decades. The session explains the problem and offers an alternative approach and sample resources.

Social Networking in Social Studies for a Global Perspective

The authors reflect on this use of social networking in the social studies classroom, and the potential opportunities and challenges in using it to foster global citizenship.

Territorial Claims and Geographical Naming Issues on the Pacific Rim

The political geography of the Pacific Rim includes territorial claims and geographical naming. Diplomatic and national interests spotlight the Spratly Islands and sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Over the River, Through the Woods: Human Migration and Topography

Participants will experience a lesson analyzing the influence of topography on early transportation routes, comparing and contrasting patterns of movement during the westward expansion.

I Dreamed of Africa: Culture, Experience, and Geographic Perspective

I surveyed pre-service teachers to understand how culture and experience influence perceptions of Africa. The results demonstrate the persistence of misconceptions of Africa, despite the prevalence of world history courses.

Teaching about the World's Largest Trade Relationship

Classroom study of globalization and economic interdependence must consider our most important trade partner—Canada. This PowerPoint overview explains economic principles, explores issues, and shares methodology and resources.


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