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Teaching for Sustainability: The New Frontier

How does one get started in teaching toward a sustainable future? This session presents two stategies for creating a sustainability curriculum. Particpants will analyze each for strengths and drawbacks.

Investing and Saving in a Global Economy

In today's competitive global economy, students need to understand the basics of personal finance in order to save, invest and build for a secure, sound and stable financial future.

Social Networking and the Social Studies for Citizenship Education

Youth are increasingly using social media to access information and communicate. This session will provide free resources and strategies to teachers for using social networking tools in the social studies.

Action Civics: Adding Relevance and Rigor to the Classroom

This interactive presentation demonstrates action civics strategies for empowering students to identify core issues in their community, analyze root causes of these issues, and work collaboratively towards long term solutions.

Engaging through Compelling Narrative: Teaching the Chinese Transcontinental Railroad Experience

Examine techniques for engaging students through personal narrative, varying modes of learning, and integrating disciplines. Explore a unit from planning to closure, focusing on meaningful activities and integrated assessment.

Build Your Own Colony: A Simulation Unit

How would you survive in a New World? Come experience a simulation unit about England's early colonization and its effect on Native Americans. Handouts include lessons based on Primary Sources.

Using Picture Books to Enhance Social Values in Children

Are you looking for an engaging way to cultivate diversity in your students? Partner with your librarian to instill appreciation and goodwill for pluralism in students with children's picture books.

The Virtual Fieldtrip

Taking virtual field trips can provide opportunities for teaching geography and cultural connections, and is the ideal catalyst for extending reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while engaging in technology.

The Convergence of Three Civilizations: An Explorationinto Interdisciplinary Instruction

Explore the possibilities of interdisciplinary instruction through a model unit: Three Civilizations Converging: Europe, Africa, and the Americas! Teacher-tested interdisciplinary strategies involving history, literacy, and visual arts will be modeled.

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners through Graphic Novels

Graphic novels can be used effectively to meet the needs of diverse learners including English learners and students with special needs. Student-made graphic novels and rubrics will be shared.


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